A Buddhist Devotee Died as a Christian Days After Our Visit.

Two weeks ago, on a Wednesday, Nancy and little Nimbine together with our church pastor, went to visit Mekhanil Thai village to visit and pray with our new believers. As they were visiting, they came across a sick person lied on his sick bed. They have spent good amount of time sharing and praying and encouraging him and his wife. The man said that day that he felt different today and testified that he really belief in Jesus Christ. He never goes to a church in his life but that day Jesus touched and changed his life.

Two weeks later, last Friday evening we were informed that the sick person passed away. After our last Sunday service at Mekhanil Thai, we took contributions from our Baanthawai Home Church and visited the family of the deceased.

The funeral ceremony was observed according to the tradition of Buddhism. We entered the house and there were three fully costumed monks there surrounding the casket doing chants and burning incenses.

Our pastor interrupted mannerly and informed the monks that the deceased person was a christian and we christian are here to pay our respect and pray with his family. The monks stopped for awhile and we prayed together with the wife of the deceased person and comforted her and left. As soon as we walked out of the house, the monks continued their chanting.

This experiences had thought me a lesson that God stands ready to save and grant salvation to the worst sinner there ever is at the final hour of their breath. All we as servants of God need to do is to avail ourselves to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide and direct us to people who need to know Jesus Christ at their final hour, like the man who died after encountering Jesus Christ two weeks ago.

Continue to pray and support our ministry in Thailand with our Baanthawai Home Church and Mekhanil Thai Church. Pray for all the new believers that they may continue to grow strong in their faith and continue to shine Jesus Christ in their lives to their neighboring Buddhist family and community. To God be all glory, praises and honor.

Thank you and God Bless you all.

Paul, Nancy & Nimbine.
Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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  1. Thanks. We visited the man and his wife at their house on a Saturday. It was a special moment for the family. Some caused us to spend long hours with them. After sharing and encouraging the family for more than two hours, the late husband, testified from his sick and dying bed he believe in Jesus Christ. We prayed the sinners’ prayer. We didn’t know that he will die sooner. We thanked and praised God after confirming his death, for He has used us to save one sinner.


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