Christian Maturity Bible Study – 2 Peter 3:18

Topic: Hua khoo

A spiritually mature Christian

Khristian thii pen phuyai fay winyan

Text: Khoo prahkhumphii  or khoo khwam :(2 peter 3:18)

Why Peter wrote this passage and to whom he wrote: during his time there were many Christians who didn’t really born again. Pang kuud may nai chiwet khong raw.

When people ask me what is your qualification??? Khunasombat I said BA which means born again Christian.

But today we see many Christian in the church only for name sake. May tuubto

I want to start with the real story happened in America in 2014. Khristechak khong raw ja pleeng prakay, khristechak khong raw pen khristechak thii mii chiwetchiwa.

The was a mega Christian Church in America with a pastor and with over a thousand Christian members. The church has been establish many years back and generational Christians have been part of this church. One day pastor reckoned that members of the church were not regular at the church. It seemed coming to church was a option. They were attracted to tele-evangelism and online church meetings at their homes. So the actual church began to become cold and weak. 

After much prayer, the Pastor made a special call and invited all the members of the church to attend the funeral service of their church member. He nicely decorated the casket and placed infron of the alter. After leading through the ceremoney, pastor call for final view of the deceased. 

Everyone went forward, saw it and fell back. Some where into tears. Others were shocked and sadden and were ashamed. Pastor left a big mirror inside the coffin and thy all saw themselves. 

Pastor explained that this is our church is now. We all are dying christians and our church is eventually dying.

All the members repented in tears and asked pastor to pray forgiveness over their lives. So the next sunday onward, that Church was packed againe and was on fire for the Lord ever since. 

A spiritually mature Christian is

  1. 1. Positive under pressure.
  2. 2. Sensitive to the needs of the people; Mi khwam onwai too khwam tongkhan khong phu uun
  3. 3. Peace maker not trouble maker: phuu sang santi mai chay phu sang panhaa
  4. 4. Be patient:  phu puay . chai yin
  5. 5. Prayerful Christian: Khirstian thii athithaan talot.

These are the 5 points being born again Christian should know

If we don’t know these things many things will face in the church cause we give chance to satan by getting into all kind of  problems by saying immature things.

By making immature decision

By acting in immature ways

We need to grow up spiritually and physically 2 peter 3:18


We are no more baby Christian  Paul treated Corinthian church as babies in Christ. ( 1 Corinth 3:2-3. Because envy, khwam itchaaa,divisions,khwam yak khan and they were not able to receive the word of God. But our baan thawai Christian are matured in Christ,

Church needs the spiritual maturity. Kristichak tongkhan khristian thii wutthi phahwah thang winyan.One of the purposes of the church is to help us grow spiritual maturity.

1. Spiritual maturity is not the matter of age. Wut thi phawah thang winyan maichay ruang ayuh khong raw. Some Christian we have been Christian for many year but not really doing what Christian supposed to do, how Christian should be. 50-60 years old baby Christian (khristian deek nai fay winyan)yang sai bumper yu

2. Spiritual maturity is not the matter of achievement: khwam samrat. You may have lot of degrees, you may have all kinds of degrees and diplomas hanging on your wall. but if you don’t have BA degree BORN AGAIN

3. Spiritual maturity is not the matter of appearance: kan prahkuut. Many Christian show off as Christian but they may just be appearance not in reality. It is matter of what has taken place inside.

4. Spiritual maturity is the matter of your character:Toa lakorn or laksana. Toa lakorn khong raw sang khwam teektang.

Character determines who you are.

Now all our baan tawai believers say we are mature Christian.( congregation) now I want to give away these qualities to all of you.

1. Mature Christian receive the truths of the word of God as it passed down to them. Khristain thii pen phuyay ja rap khwan ching khong khaw prasirt.

2. Mature Christian stop pointing out every else’s mistakes but start confessing their own. Sarapap. Matthew 7:1-5

3. Mature Christian watch their words and know when to speak. James 3:2

4. Mature Christian are less dependent on themselves and increasingly dependent on Christ. I am the true vine John 15:1ff

5. Mature Christian  make every effort to build on the faith. James 4:8.

As we come closer to God God will come closer to you.

We may have been born in the church

Being raised in the church

Served in the church

You could have married in the church

Dead in the church

Until veiled in the church

But still life ended in hell

Because we were only in the church not in Christ.


Nancy’s first sermon in Thailand. Banthawai Home Church 18.02.19

We are grateful and thankful to God for opening up the door for Nancy to have to share the Gospel in Thai language to Thai new believers. Nancy has been patiently waiting and God used her first sermon and she is now allowed to conduct Bible study as well as preaching at our usual Sunday worship service at Baanthawai Church. Thank you for your prayer and support.


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