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Ministry Journey with The Bible League Thailand (TBLT)

Hello and many greetings to you all again from Thailand, the land of many gods and goddesses. We would like to share with you briefly about our ministry here in Thailand with The Bible League.

The government and the people of Thailand have worked together well and effectively prevented the spread of COVID-19. Everyone are adjusting to the new norm of life and the government allows businesses to operate as usual and adjust to the new normal.

Lifting of travel ban, curfew and other restrictions give access and opportunity to Churches and Christian organisations to pick up and continue their ministry from where the have left.

The Bible League Thailand (TBLT) started Project Philip training and made visits to its ministry places toward end of May 2020. TBLT has two ministry programs:

1. Project Philip (PP): PP is the evangelism and church planting program. The Bible League partner with the local Churches and Associations and distribute Thai Bible (ERV) together with Bibles study booklets plus other christian literature to new believers.

Through PP Bible League arrange with the local churches and its members to train members who are confident to go out and disciple others using PP materials. Under PP, Bible League has initiated planted and inaugurated over 15 new churches.

2. Bible Literacy (BL): BL is the English Learning program. Bible League uses BL as a means to communicate gospel through reading of the Bible stories in English. BL has two strands of English learning.

1. FIRM FOUNDATION READER: The FFR is designed for teaching reading to people who speak English. It’s not a complete course in reading. Rather, it provides pre-reading lessons and lessons designed to bring a student up to an older primary school reading level.

2. USING EVERYDAY ENGLISH (UEE): The UEE is another English course produced and used by the Bible League around the world. It is designed for individuals who want to teach beginning-level English to students with marginal literacy skills in their own language.

First Project Philip Training after Lockdown

On 30th May 2020, Paul Mondo (Missionary) and Rev. Narong Tongsuk (TBLT National Director) were invited to facilitate and train 30 Philips (disciple makers) from City Gate Church in Chiangmai. The training started at 8:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM, with all 30 Philips prepared and ready with the outreach tools and materials provided by TBLT.

We began the training with a time of worship and prayer and a word of welcome from the hosting church.

The training session was broken into two parts: Part 1 focuses on describing the focus and purpose of Project Philip and its biblical context and perspectives of evangelism and making of disciple. The theory lessons on how effectively you can disciple or how to become an effective disciple maker using the tools and material provided by the Bible League. Rev Narong Tongsuk - Project Philip Training at City Gate Church, Chiangmai Thailand.

Broken down piece by piece and step by step with illustration, Rev. Narong grabbed their attention and concentration level and took them through to lunch and he dismissed them by grouping them into groups of five and assigned them with tasks to present.

They were assigned to choose pictures pictures from the Bible story telling books, discus and present how to present the Gospel of Jesus using the picture. Below you will see some picture of their group discussions and presentations after the lunch break.

Part 2 of the training was mainly focusing on demonstration, discussion and presentation and reinforcement. Right after lunch, participants get into their groups and were given an hour to discuss and finalize their presentation. Following Pictures highlights different group discussions

After discussions and preparation, each team were asked to appoint one member of their group to present what their have discussed. After presentation of each group, Rev. Narong make few remarks and stressed on important aspects of presenting the gospel through the use of pictures and story telling and encourage next group to improve and do better to help everyone.

Following picture are highlights of each presentation.

At the end of the training, the Bible League distributed a set of Project Philip evangelism and discipleship material to each participant and we all prayed together and release them with the Lord’s blessings to go to their streets and neighborhoods to win souls to Christ and to make disciple.

To find out more about The Bible League Thailand and its Ministries.

The Bible League Thailand (TBLT) 81 Sukkasem Rd., Patun. Muang., Chiang Mai 50300

Thank you and God bless.


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