Paul, Nancy and Nimbine | Chiang Mai, Thailand.

It is a joy to share about Paul and Nancy, a missionary couple who have committed and sacrificed their lives to serve in God’s missions in foreign lands.

God has used them in various ministries in different places, churches and Associations, both within their countries of birth and overseas.

Currently the Mondos Missionary Family are attaching with The Bible League Thailand as volunteer missionary family involving in evangelism and church planting ministry among Thai people.

The Mondos are serving with Banthawai Church, a local Thai house church. At the church Nancy is engaged in,

  • leading Wednesday, weekly prayer meetings,
  • leading Friday evening Bible study with the new believers assisting our woman Pastor,
  • sharing God’s Word during our main service.

Paul is engaged in,

  • teaching English at the Church as well as a Thai local school,
  • assisting music at the church,
  • sharing God’s Word during main service.
Paul | Teaching English at Tessaban Hang Dong School, Hang Dong Dist of Chiang Mai Province of Thailand.


Paul successfully completed his TESOL training | Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Paul is a teacher by profession. He completed his Theological degree at Christian Leaders’ Training College, Banz, Papua New Guinea. In addition, Paul went through cross-cultural training in KL, Malaysia and also was certified as a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Nancy is a theologian. She completed her Masters of Divinity degree in India. She was involving in teaching ministry when receiving call to serve as a full time missionary. She then went for cross cultural missionary training at North East Center of Training and Research (NECTAR). At the same time, she received training and was certified as a TESOL teacher. She served in Thailand among Hmong people for three years.

Marriage & Ministry
2015 Batch of Global Ministry Team Students | KL, Malaysia.

In 2015 Paul and Nancy met in India. After much prayer, thoughts and consideration and approval from their families, they agreed to marry and continue serving as missionaries. On the 18th of March, 2016, Nancy’s church and family in Nagaland, India have arranged Paul and Nancy an engagement and marriage sendoff party.

On the 6th of August, 2016, at 2:00 PM, they were pronounced husband and wife at St. Mathews Lutheran Church at Goroka, in Papua New Guinea. That date reflected their faith in God and prayerfully waiting patiently  for God’s appointed time.

Soon after their marriage, the missionary couple went back to India in search of full time and long term ministry. Not long, Zeme Baptist Association of Nagaland invited them to manage one of their rundown primary school.

After few months of running the school, the missionary couple received an invitation from the Director of the Bible League Thailand to serve under the Thailand Nationwide Vision 2020 and beyond.

After much prayers and thoughtful consideration, the couple decided to take on the challenging journey of faith to Thailand. By then Nancy was six months pregnant.
Missions Partnership with The Bible League Thailand (TBLT) | Nimbine, Nancy & Paul Presenting Donations from Australia and Papua New Guinea toward Christmas Evangelism Program organised by TBLT in Partnership with the Local Church.

On July 2017, the missionary couple moved to Thailand. In Thailand, they are involving in evangelism and church planting ministries under vision 2020 and beyond in partnership with The Bible League Thailand (TBLT). They promote and establish partnership between

The Bible League Thailand and their home church and mission organisations to participate in the Church planting projects and evangelism programs.

Paul and Nancy are currently engaged in teaching English at Thai schools as volunteers as well as English club at the church. They are serving with the Banthawai House Church in Children and Music ministry.

May God bless you all abundantly and looking forward to take another step forward in missions by the grace of God.


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