Naga Missions Perspective Questionnaire

Naga Missions Perspective Questionnaire

Dear respected missions partners and friends, here I would like to share some of the questions and answers which i have done a questionnaire based on Naga mission Perspective. Nagaland is a small state in India. They have a slogan, ‘Nagaland For Christ’ and also pledge to send 10,000 missionary to whole world.

I was also one out of 10,000 and we have mission agency called Naga Missions Movement.

There are many questions but I will share with us only few here, most of the answers are basing on my past and present experienced.

Name: Nganchu phom(Nancy)
Mission field: Thailand.
Type of ministry: Church planting
Length of service in the field: 9 years
Organisation/agency: Naga Missions Movement.
Sending church: Yachem Baptist Church

I am no more under this mission agency or organisation but since the questionnaire is based on naga perspective, therefore I was allowed to use their organisation….

Question 1. What was the most difficult thing for you when you first arrived in your mission field?

Answer- Culture, language, food, and the environment of the field.

Question 2. In your opinion, is it necessary to learn the hosting community language? YES OR NO.

Answer: Yes, language plays a vital role in the ministry especially country like Thailand.

Question 3. Did you learn language as fulltime or you learned while doing ministry?

Answer:While doing ministry.

Question 4. Do you get basic food supplies and other necessities where you live? YES OR NO

Answer:- NO

Question 5. What system do you use for your children’s education, home schooling, private school, government school, others?

Answer:- We are in delima, country like in Thailand where the first and second language as phaasa Thai, if we send our children to government or private school they will not get to learn English, if we send them to international school, can’t afford the fees.

Question 6. Does your church/ organisation provide the cost of your children’s education? YES OR NO

Answer:- No.

To be continued … 

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