In Need of a Prayer – Pray for Our Church Planting Ministry in Thailand.

 “Jesus Said, GO Make Disciples”

Dear friends and partners in Christ Jesus.
Many greetings to you all from Thailand!
Today’s focus of in need of a prayer is Ban Thawai House Church Planting Ministry at Mae Kenil Thai Village.
Ban Thawai house church where Mondos missionary family are serving, has founded a new House Church at Mae Kenil Thai Village. The village is 30 km outside Chiangmai City.
Our church members have been praying for this throughout the year to set up a proper worship place there.

Our lady pastor negotiated with a local Buddhist over his unused building at the village.
In the mean time we were greatly in need of a prayer from our prayer partners over the negotiation. Our partners have been praying. We also have been praying and waiting patiently for God timing and His providence.
Few months later, the owner of the house agreed to handover the house to us on long term rental basis. We agreed and complete the rental payment for the next seven years and converted the house into a small church that can hold up to 50 people.

Our lady pastor, the founder of Ban Thawai house church, requested Paul and Nancy to serve at the new church. Paul and Nancy agreed to assisting and serve at both place knowing that, this is their primary purpose of coming to Thailand. They willingly offer their ministry car and have it available every Saturdays and Sundays for ministry purposes and activities.

In order for Mondos to serve for long term (5-10 years), they need the follow;

  1. Learn to read, write and speak in Thai. Nancy is able to speak and understand Thai well. She has completed her Thai conversation class, while she was serving as a young missionary back in 2012. She is now assisting our woman pastor leading prayer meetings, bible study and preaching at the church. However, there is a greater need for Nancy to learn to read and write in Thai. Paul understands and speak very little Thai. He completed level 1 Thai conversation class but was unable to complete up to level 10 due to financial struggles. Language is the only thing that limits Paul from his ministry at the school as well as the church.
  2. The visa. In order to serve for a long term, it really depends on the visa that we would get. Mondos family are currently using Bible League Thailand Foundation Visa. They are not sure how long they would be allowed to use the foundation visa.  


Also pray for our newly establish church at Mae Kenin village and its needs. Some of the pictures showing before and after renovation. The renovation was halfway completed and we moved into begin our Sunday worship there.

We are renting this house for the period of 7 years let’s all pray that the owner will accept Christ and have a heart for the Lord and convert this house to a permanent church building.

 Thank you once again for the prayers.

On Sunday, 27th Jan 2019 we have started a house church at Mae Kenin village, more than 20 people came and witnessed His name, glory be to God for His faithfulness.

Continue to pray with us as we pray for the pastor incharge and some necessities for the church to start.

Pray for more souls to be added every Sunday…also pray for one of the Bible colleges in Bangkok whose director saw our needs and donated 75 chairs for the church.

More pictures…

Ban Thawai Church Sunday Service 

One our new believers got save end of last year He testified about his experiences. A girls came forwad and gave her life to the Lord. 
This man was an unbeliever with his wife standing. He was invited and given contract to expend the walls of our Ban Thawai House Church. After completing working on the worship room, he felt convicted and asked our woman pastor privately to pray for him to accept our Christian faith and Jesus we believe.

On Sunday, he brought his wife along to the Church and they both publicly confessed their sins and accept Jesus Christ. As part of their offering to the church, they offer free labor to renovate the new founded church building in Mae Kenin.

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