PRAY FOR THAILAND – GOD Blessed The Banthawai Home Church Bible Study Class

Our family in Christ at Banthawai Home Church show the love of God in a practical way by visiting and giving aid to unfortunate and poor families, sick people, single mothers, orphans. As believers in Christ, we open our house church gate and welcome everyone to come and have fellowship and share free meals with us every Friday evening and Sunday morning. 

Today has been a special day. Let the earth rejoice and let the heavens be glad. For by His grace, the Lord has delivered two men, unbelievers from the bondage of sin and darkness. 

They joined our church few Sundays ago. They were drunkards. They spend most of their time going around with friends drinking. 

Tonight as we were winding up our study time, the Spirit of God moved and touched them and convicted the men in a very special way that both men walked to the front and confessed their sins and asked forgiveness from God  and from us.

They were led through sinner’s prayer and confessed and accepted the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Prayer for our new believers that they may grow and mature in their faith and walk with the Lord. All Glory to God!

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