In need of a Prayer – Pray for Mondos Missionary Family.

Pray For Mondos Missionary Family

Our Mondos missionary family (Paul, Nimbine, Nancy) are currently serving in Thailand with The Bible League Thailand at Chiang Mai.These are some of the specific prayer points that you can include them in your weekly prayer focus meeting at home or at the church or elsewhere.

Sharing Christ through English Teaching at Thai Schools.

Paul is meeting and interacting with about 800 plus students every week. Most of these students and teachers are from Buddhism background and the school itself is governed by the principles and practices of Buddhism.

Every schooling day during lunch hour, all students are required to pray to Buddha and go into mediation for 15 minutes.

Students are taught as early as grades one to learn, memorize and say the Buddhism chants by hard.

Every special event and occasion at the school are led and observed by religious leaders. Both old and young monks would dressed in their beautiful orange colored robes and perform specific rituals and prayers inline with the occasion.

Thai people belief that monks carries special spiritual powers and blessings and they are considered next to gods and goddesses that they are believing and worshiping.

At the end of ceremonies, monks would go around and sprinkle consecrated water to the stuff and students.

– We will be visiting a newly establish mission field under the Vision 2020 4 hours rive out from Chiang Mai.  We will celebrating  and sharing Christmas gifts and praying with the new converts.

– Our Baanthawai house church will be celebrating Christmas on this date with gift exchange with new believers and unbelievers, who are invited.

Current Situation

WorkPermit and Visa:

Nancy’s work permit was granted without any hassle. My work permit was expired in Nov and I was asked to leave the country immediately by the Immigration and Labour offices because my visa is on old, which took us as a surprising shock to us. But after reading through the immigration policies, I then realized my work permit does not relate in anyway to my one year visa. I began to conclude that it was a work of the devil, trying to disturb our ministry here. After spending sometime in prayer, I decided to go to the Immigration again to confirm whether my visa has been cancelled. To my surprise, I was told that my one year visa is still valid and I got my 90 days report stamped. DEVIL IS A ALL-TIME BIG-TIME LOOSER! So we decided to visit Labour office again to reapply for work permit.

This time they accepted my application. The officers there decided to give me 6months work permit. At the time of collection, I prayed and went to the Labour office by myself. At the sight, the officer there scratched out 6 months and put the stamp of 1year work permit. Hahaha … Bel bilong mi ibagarap long lap long dispela asnating, stingpela, bunating na belsulap, na kiauless devil.


We put car to workshop for a week and all the scratches and holes from the accident were fixed with new bumper and new front light. Our current repayment of the ministry car is totaling up to ฿110,000.00. and we are yet to pay ุ฿65,000.00. We are paying little by little and hoping to pay up by end of 2019.

Travel to India

Nancy and Nimbine are planning and preparing to travel to India in April 2019, for Nancy to reapply visa to change address in Thailand from Phetchabun to Chiang Mai. Nimbine to visit and receive blessings from her grandparents, uncles and aunties.


I continue to teach English 18 hours per week and four hours per week at the church, and two hours per week at home. Our praise and worship team at our home church is improving and people are enjoying the atmosphere and time of worship there. Our home church was successfully expanded and provides enough space for more people. I am praying and practicing music our musician every Saturday evening. Friday night Bible study with new believers is going well and recently I distributed new Bible Study booklets on the book of Romans provided by the Bible league Thailand.

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