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Meet Maria and Winai

Winai and Maria are the current staff of The Bible League Thailand foundation. They have been serving with the foundation for the past ten years. They are from the Karean tribe. They married with two sons, Jayden and Aman.

Nancy became close friends with Winai and Maria six years back when she was serving in Thailand. The Maria’s parents considered Nancy as her foreign sister.

In 2013, Nancy’s missionary term was over and she moved back to India. Little did they know that they will ever meet again.

In 2017, the Bible League Director, Rev., Dr. Narong Tongsuk, invited us to serve with The Bible Foundation in Thailand.

In mid-2017, we moved to Thailand. Since the date of our arrival until today, Winai and Maria were faithfully helping us in many ways to sustain our ministry and stay in Thailand.

Apart from help us in doing our work permit and visas, they made sure that Paul gets through driving and motor cycle tests to get driving licenses. Paul failed e-driving test number of times, but they didn’t give up on him. They prayed and continue to avail their motor cycle and cars until he passed.

Our family would like to thank you all for being with us through prayer and sending support for His mission. We acknowledge PNGSHM and its leaders and the friends who always be the big pillar to our mission in Thailand.

You have always blessed us with what you have. Toward end of 2018, we have decided to bless the people up on the mountain those who really in need of Cloths for this winter season.

We bought some Cloths and sent them through our Thai family friends, Winai and Maria. On their visit to their parents in the village a big suitcase packed with mixture of clothes.

It was not us doing all this but it was because of you all who have supported us throughout the year. The pictures above are showing the distribution of clothes.

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